Hydraulic Hose Standard EN856

Hydraulic Hose Standard EN856

EN 856 is a European Norm (EN) standard that specifies the requirements for rubber hoses and hose assemblies used in hydraulic systems. This standard is divided into several parts, each specifying requirements for different types of hoses:

1. EN 856-4SP: This part of the standard covers four-wire spiral reinforced hydraulic hoses. These hoses typically have a synthetic rubber inner tube, four layers of spiral-wound high-tensile steel wire reinforcement, and a synthetic rubber cover. EN 856-4SP hoses are designed for high-pressure hydraulic applications.[More]

2. EN 856-4SH: This section specifies the requirements for four-wire spiral reinforced hydraulic hoses with a higher pressure rating than EN 856-4SP hoses. They have similar construction to EN 856-4SP hoses but are designed for even more demanding high-pressure hydraulic systems.[More]

3. EN 856-R12, EN 856-R13, and EN 856-R15: These parts of the standard cover hydraulic hoses with different types of reinforcement, such as multiple layers of spiral-wound steel wire or heavy-duty four- or six-spiral wire reinforcement. These hoses are designed for extremely high-pressure applications, often found in heavy machinery, construction equipment, and mining industries.[More 1][More 2] [More 3]

EN 856 hoses are known for their robust construction, flexibility, and resistance to high-pressure conditions. They are suitable for use with petroleum-based hydraulic fluids, synthetic ester-based fluids, and water-based fluids within specified temperature ranges.

When selecting and using EN 856 hoses, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, ensure proper installation, and adhere to recommended maintenance practices for optimal performance and safety. Compliance with the EN 856 standard is indicated by markings on the hose, including the standard designation, manufacturer’s name or logo, and other relevant information.

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